Public Address System

PRODUCT ID : NC/001/05 Public Address System

A marine and offshore Public Address System especially designed to meet the requirements for PA/GA and entertainment distribution onboard ships and mobile offshore units. The system is in conformity to SOLAS, IMO and IEC regulations.


Public Address with Talk Back system is designed for general announcing with advanced technology, and complies with the IMO Regulation Ⅲ/6.5 & Res. MSC.47(66) performance standard.
The system is also specially made to keep good performance under the bad environment of vessel at sea.
For this system, paging function through auto telephone exchanger and talk back function are available, and also interface to the fire alarm and air horn are available.


Max. Output Power:
-. HPA-7300-1 : 35V/ 200W
-. HPA-7300-2 : 100V/ 200W
-. HPA-7300-3 : 100V/ 200W, with Combat alarm, Morse alarm etc.
Power Source: AC110/220V & DC24V
Remote Controller: Option(up to 1set)
General Alarm Generator: Standard
NATO Alarm Generator: Option
Announcing Priority: 9 class
AM/FM Radio& Cassette Tape Deck: Standard
Talk Back: Standard- 5Lines(Max. 7Lines)
Speaker Selector: Standard(5Groups)
Monitor Speaker: Standard
General Emergency Alarm Interface (Mute): Option
Fire Alarm Interface(Mute): Standard
Fire Alarm Interface(G.E.A relay contact): Option
Air Horn Interface: Standard
Operating temperature & Humidity: -10 ~ +50 degree, 10%~90%
Power Amplifier frequency characteristic: 120~12000Hz within ±6dB
Dimension(WxHxD,mm): 430x450x300
Weight: App.31Kg

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