Wolf Airmask Ion Thrustor

PRODUCT ID : S/003/002 Miscellaneous Safety Equipment

WOLF Air Mask is a proven solution for the sustained and effective disinfection of your office and private spaces. This is one of the first air sterilization devices by generation of negative ions and ARTEQ is its exclusive Global distributor.

When switched on, the WOLF Air mask will continuously and safely sterilizes the air, thereby neutralizing all microbes and viruses in air. This prevents the spread of infection. It can be continuously used in a space which has human occupancy because it does not emit any dangerous chemical. A single WOLF Air Mask can cover an area of 1000 sq ft.

Iron Thrusters in the wolf Air Mask emit Trillions of negative ions per second into the atmosphere. These negative ions bind with the positive ions of COVID strains and other microbes in the air, neutralizing it instantly. The Equipment was tested at a reputed laboratory approved by the Government of India and proven for 99.9% efficacy against SARS CoV-2 virus and other microbes. Multiple NABL accredited labs have also tested the sterilizing efficiency of this equipment. The Wolf Air mask is RoHS compliant and CE certified.

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