PRODUCT ID : AM/003/01 Compressor

At the heart of the system is the revolutionary, state-of-the-art 26.12SP five stage combination screw/reciprocating compressor which creates the five stages of compression necessary to effectively separate moisture from the ambient air through a mechanical process for instrument air. The compressor system is water-cooled for optimum reliability and has the ability to run on a continuous duty cycle

>Consistent Instrument Quality Dry Air - Instrument air quality is never compromised due to the degradation of the >desiccant material as is common in regenerative dryers operating in hot, humid and high hydrocarbon environments.
>Ability to Handle Spikes in Demand - High pressure storage at 3500 – 5000 psig provides a natural buffer to even out peaks in demand.
>Lower Distribution Cost - High pressure distribution of the instrument air throughout the facility is much more efficient and requires smaller diameter piping than low pressure distribution.

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