Ship Incinerator

PRODUCT ID : AM/006/01 Incinerator

Fully automatic small dimensions-high capacity for burning both liquid & solid waste,such as sludge oil,sewage sludges,plastic,paper,cardboard,wood,rubber,cloth,oily rags,food waste & hospital waste.Sludge burning with no filters/no strainers.Capacity 180.000,400.000,500.000,730.000 kcal/hr(210,465,580,850 kW)

The incinerator certified in compliance with :
>IMO -Resolution MEPC, 76(40) adopted 25,September 1997
>Revised guidelines for the implementation of Annex V of MARPOL 73/78
>IMO MARPOL ANNEX VI adopted on 26 September 1997
>CE MARKING of Incinerator according to European MED (The Maritime Equipment Directive 96/98/EC)

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