Running Line Tensiometers - Cable Line Riders

PRODUCT ID : ME/003/01 Tensiometer

Line Tension, Speed, & Payout Monitoring

Rugged, compact, and accurate cable tension monitoring
Tension and Payout sensors located in removable center sheave
Quick installation
Design validated by F.E.A.
High payout / scope line speed capability
Standard sizes rated from 10 tons to 500 tons. Smaller sizes are also available.
Rugged, well-designed running line tensiometer (RLT) that features an alloy-steel frame with marine grade coating and high quality stainless steel fixtures. Force and count sensors are located in a removable center sheave, allowing for easy installation without the need to cut or modify the winch lines. If future needs change these RLT’s can be just as easily removed for use in other applications.

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